Automotive Locksmith Training Course

Our Auto Locksmith Training covers all aspects of auto locksmith work over a five day period. Numbers are limited to a maximum of four students and we also run 1-2-1 personal tuition courses. Tuition focuses on each individual's learning speed and style in order to progress at your pace and maximise your understanding of each module.

Course Topics Include:

  • Vehicle Entry

  • Lock Picking

  • Lishi Picking

  • Lock and Key Decoding

  • Transponder Production

  • Transponder Programming

  • Tibbe Key Production & Programming

  • Broken Key Extraction and Replacement

  • Eprom Work

  • Pin Code Extraction

  • Remote Fob Programming

Training is with a successful trading auto locksmith  at our Cheshire Training Centre working both on the bench and on live vehicles.

During the course you will be shown various types of equipment and introduced to the leading trade suppliers of key programming and cutting equipment.

You will also be advised about how to set your new auto locksmith business up and become successful. Once you have completed the course we are available 7 days a week with technical support via telephone.

Many Courses do not show you all you need to get going however we are very different and you will not require any further training to start work.


Miracle A9
Through Car Entry
Lishi Picking
Tibbe Picking
Lishi Picking

Vehicle Entry Course

2 Day Course (included in main course)


Short 2 day courses for auto technicians and auto rescue services throughout the UK. This course focuses on gaining entry into vehicles. On this course you will learn how to gain entry into vehicles achieved using various opening methods including through car entry, lock picking, Tibbe picking and Lishi tools.


You may wish to undertake this course as a taster into the main course or if you regularly need the services of an auto locksmith to open a car for you.

This course is teaches non destructive entry methods and is mainly about the art of picking the lock. This is a skill that any locksmith will require at some point and this is a great start as we also teach the reason why a lock is pickable.


As a locksmith you will get calls all the time for people who have just "locked the keys in the car". With this course alone you can start earning an income however eventually you will undoubtedly undertake the main course as the earning potential rises dramatically.

Please get in touch for further info using the contact us page.