Commercial & Domestic Training Courses

Course Outline

We have one course for this area of the trade. This is to make your transition into the trade as simple as possible. You do not need to keep returning for additional courses.

This course is run over a period of 4 days. The course itinerary can be seen lower down the page together with information about our class leading litrature.

You have 3 different options available to you depending on your budget.

Packages Available


Package 1: This includes training, litrature and accommodation.


Package 2: Includes all from package 1, plus a selection of tools to enable you to start work straight away. The tools provided are the best you can get and are industry standard. Not cheap replicas most people are selling. These are tools I have trusted for years and have a net worth of £280.00.


Package 3: £1450.00. Includes all from the above 2 packages but also a selection of stock required to start trading. You will have to purchase some special items along the way but these are the main stock items which should always be available. Retail price for the stock included is approx £450.00. 

Course Itinerary

  • Key cutting On machines you will make keys using a popular mortice machine and cylinder machine. key blank recognition and common problems explained. you will be shown the different mortice keys including: pin, pipe, safe, cabinet also the most common cylinder, cabinet, high security keys.

  • Making keys To cam locks (by hand) we show you how to make a key without a machine to one of these popular little locks found on vending machines, garage doors, desks etc.

  • Garage door locks Found on "up & over" garage doors, we will strip them down to reveal how easy and simple they are to work on, open and make keys for. 

  • Keying Alike Two rim cylinders to pass (1 key 2 locks) when fitting or replacing 2 rim locks (yale type) on a front and back door it is nice to offer the customer the choice of 1 key to fit the 2 locks.

  • Stripping down rim cylinders Using bench shims, this topic is for use on the bench and enables you to successfully strip rim cylinders down without keys with ease.

  • Bump Keys, These special keys can quickly open most rim cylinders (yale type), euro profile cylinders (upvc), threaded cylinders (metal shop doors) and most other locks which use a yale type key.

  • Plug spinning A very handy topic which could save you time when picking locks.

  • Picking cam locks We show you how to pick these popular little locks which will prove very usefull.

  • Picking rim cylinders  ("Yale Barrel") Beginer to advanced, we start off nice and easy and then work through to an advanced level. We show you what to listen and feel for to pick the lock with your cylinder picks.

  • Shimming rim locks ("Credit card trick") This will have you in to 90% of rim locks (yale type) within 10 seconds. It is not as easy as it looks but using the right teqhnique you will have it mastered in no time. 

  • Fitting rim locks (Yale type) As a locksmith you will be required to fit locks of every kind however Rim locks are very common on wodden doors.

  • Drilling techniques For rim locks (while fitted) sometimes there is no choice and in some cases you need to drill, therefore we will show you the correct way to drill a rim cylinder and by-pass the mechanism.

  • Digital Combination Locks Decoded Found in many applications, mainly on office doors to regulate staff entries, we will systematically decode these to open them without damage before looking at other opening methods.

  • Key Safe Opening Found outside homes across the UK, mainly where the inhabitants need care to allow the care team access. We will decode the wheel combination and push button variants allowing you to retrieve the code, thus enabling you to change the code.

  • Euro profile cylinders changed (PVC door) this is another very common type of lock found on almost every PVC door. People are always loosing their keys or have them stolen, we will teach you how to change one of these in under a minute.

  • Euro profile cylinders opened (6 different methods) as with every lock we will give a number of different ways of opening them the PVC door cylinder is no exception and is a very interesting part of the course.

  • Thumb Turners We will open euro thumbturn locks very quickly using an easy tool that can be made by you in seconds.

  • Multi point locking mechanisms picked (uPVC) this is the long strip lock found on the edge of your uPVC door, we will teach you how to pick the mechanism thus enabling you to retract the hooks, bolts and/or rollers to release the door.

  • uPVC mechanism identification and how to order new parts.

  • uPVC door re-aligned to frame using hinge and stike plate adjustment and toe and heal methods. 

  • Padlocks picked in this topic we show you how to pick open sprung shackle padlocks using cylinder picks.

  • Padlocks opened, you will be able to open sprung shackle padlocks without any damage at all using a few different methods.

  • Padlocks opened via drill when a lock is damaged/faulty you may need to drill but we teach you how to do it even if the keyway is blocked/covered.

  • Tubular locks found on fruit machines, bike coil-locks, motorbike disc locks etc these are very daunting if you have never seen one before. On the course we will pick them open in seconds and explain the drilling methods which can be used.

  • Making mortice picks Coming on to mortice locks we will make picks which will prove invaluble when on site. there are 7 in particular which will never let you down.

  • 2 Lever sashlocks picked found most commonly on internal doors or on sheds, you will be able to pick them within 5 seconds when you shown correctly.

  • DBB Morticer this is a practical demonstration of this fantastic tool. You can drill a mortice hole in under 5 minutes with this tool and really speed up the job.

  • 3 Lever deadlocks picked while in the door, we will begin the opening methods for the mortice lock.

  • Key turners we will use the key turner to open mortice locks very quickly and easily. My unique tool (made on the course) even opens the 5 lever BS:3621 mortice locks.

  • Key Turning BS Locks We use a relativly new tool on the market to open 5 lever British Standard mortice locks with ease 

  • 5 Lever deadlock fitted lock upgrades are also a frequent job so we will show you how to upgrade the 3 lever to a 5 lever properly.

  • 5 Lever deadlock opened, when fitted we will open the lock quickly and effectively using a range of methods from decoders, curtain picks, try out keys and drilling.

  • Picking open a 7 lever safe lock to end. not compulsary to this course but a lovely topic to end on. We will use the 2-in-1 pick to bypass these locks.

  • Once all the topics are completed to satisfaction certificates are received.

Litrature Recieved

Having a fantastic course is a great start but what really makes the diffrence is having informative litrature to take away which will continue to help you once you leave. Below is a list of the books, most of which have been created by us. If there is a potential question you may have then it is answered in these invaluable documents.

Book 1: Complete Manual
  • Lock terminology, fully illustrated, explaining how locks work in depth. This is your starting point however as you progress and need to know the name of a mechanism or internal working, look no further!  

  • Extras, lots of extra litrature including picking guides, bump keying explained, additional mortice lock templates, simplex lock codes and more.

Book 2: Getting Started Guide

Our newest book. Put together outlining the really important infomation that is needed to give you the best head start. We are pleased that this book saves so much classroom time and really is a business start up guide for this trade. When this book was shown to RBS business team and Business link it recieved high appraise! This book includes:






  • TO HELP YOU REMEMBER (Illustrated topics from the course)




Book 3&4: Mortice Lock Opening Guides

There are 2 volumes to this secion.

  • Volume 1 is a fully illustrated book with fantastic descriptions and opening methods. Although a lot of the locks in this book are now very rare I have kept giving it out as you just never know when you may need it. I put this together for the shop at the age of 18 and it is still a mighty fine book. all pictures hand drafted but the descriptions were written by the professionals at the time.

  • Volume 2 is a new version of the first book. This has full colour, to scale pictures showing you the workings of each lock. It also contains opening methods and identification points to look out for. close up pictures of the inner workings including the curtains are also included in this fantastic book. The most experienced locksmith would not get by without this information. 

Supplier Catalogues

We have a fantastic working relationship with all of the main wholesale suppliers. When asked if they would like to provide a product catalogue for you to take away they were only to happy to oblige.

You will recieve their material while you are here. I will give you a point of contact for each supplier making it easy to place orders from day one.

These books are fantastic, full colour catalogues and are brilliant not only for ordering but also for product revision and knowledge.